Prevent Another Senseless Shooting

C A P?  What does it mean?  What does it mean to you, a firearm owner in the Commonwealth of Virginia?

There are some 30 plus states in the United States who have Child Access Prevention (CAP) laws on their books. The Commonwealth of Virginia is one of them. CAP requires that firearms not be accessible to children. In addition to its intended purpose of preventing accidental shootings, the law also provides criminal penalties for the gun owner whose weapon winds up in the hands of a child who misuses the weapon. Misuse is wildly flexible and can vary from playing with the firearm, showing (brandishing) the firearm, escalating to accidental or intentional shooting, and ultimately injury or death. Responsibility for the actions of an unsupervised child fall directly upon the gun owner and can include fines, penalties and incarceration. You can hide a weapon, place it in a high and unknown location but let's face it; children are very resourceful. If you can't hide Christmas presents, what makes you think you can hide a gun?

CAP laws require that weapons be "locked" to prevent unauthorized access by children. Overall gun owner responsibility requires that you, the owner, exercise due diligence to prevent unauthorized use of your firearms by any party. On the other hand, gun owners keep weapons available in their households for self-defense. In the event of a home invasion, you must readily have easy access to your weapon. Further, you do not want your weapon to become a threat to you or your loved ones.

Aquia Arms and Ammunition, LLC is proud to be a licensed distributor of the "Safety Bullet". This patented and copyrighted Safety Bullet complies with existing CAP regulations while giving you almost instant (less than two seconds) access to a loaded firearm. The Safety Bullet was invented by a gun owner for gun owners. No looking for keys in the dark to unlock a trigger lock or a cable lock that disables your weapon's action, particularly under stress.

The video below illustrates how this simple and effective safety device can work for you.

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The Safety Bullet is the fastest and easiest to use firearm safety device available. It has become the number one selling firearm safety device in the country.